Andreea Vasile

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Andreea Vasile


Advanced Practitioner

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In Person, Phone, Video Conferencing

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Hi! I've been reading the Akashic Records since 2020 and I love assisting people in transforming their lives. I am a full time intuition coach and energy healer and I feel blessed to have found this technique that resonates so much with my soul.

This technique allowed me to understand better the levels at which we make choices and how to align to our essence. I trusted my guides and committed to this path since 2016, when I received this prayer. As I progressed in my career of transformational coach, I realized I am a medium and I can help people in times of transition. I also became a soul realignment practitioner and many people chose to work with me, from Romania and all around the world. Working with so many people through this technique made me trust its power to assist people in making the right choices for them and also receiving miracles. It can really bring radical transformation.

I also studied Business Realignment, Money Realignment, Marketing Realignment and Soul realignment level 2, so I can help with transforming all kinds of relationships and manifest specific intentions business wise, as well.

I feel my mission is to assist people reconnect with God Source Energy and build relationships based on love, respect and integrity.

In Romania I created the School of Intuition and Guidance, a project meant to help people understand energy work and develop their intuitive skills. I recommend receiving the soul realignment prayer to most of my clients as our first session. It is so beautiful to be seen at the soul level.

You can write to me at for further details.

With love,

Andreea, Divine wisdom