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Spiritual Health Care is my hobby, my job and my calling.

I have been working with energy since 1999 constantly seeking new experiences, learning new healing methods, attending trainings and in the end developing a holistic health care system to prevent health issues from manifesting in the physical body. This simplified yet sophisticated technique is called the “Fountain of Colour” method.

It is a proven fact that at least 90 % of all problems start in the energy field. Many people however start seeking help only when they notice physical issues. I specialized in finding the root cause of a problem in the energy field and balancing it right there. This causes an energetic domino effect where realignment of the energy field takes nothing more than time and monitoring.

“Soul Realignment” is a perfect addition to this method. By pointing out the principle of choice and consequence and clearing respective present and past life issues in the Akashic Records, it will help people to feel in charge and on track.

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