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Anne Andersson


Advanced Practitioner

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Phone, Skype

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I am a Certified Advanced Soul Realignment Practitioner, Certified Reiki Healer, Certified Angel Card Reader, Certified Assertiveness Coach, a natural Medium and have experience in debriefing and leadership through my work.

I work close with the Angels and the Ascended Masters. Since early childhood, I had many spiritual experiences and I started my conscious development on the spiritual path around the year of 2000. I have studied many different spiritual modalities and I am a warm and positive soul who always have a smile and spiritual insights to share. I created Angelplace On Earth website and Angelplace on Facebook 2015 when I started giving angelcard readings. I originally come from Sweden but I lived many years of my Life in Rhodes, Greece and I am currently in Stockholm. My soulmission is to spread love, light, gratitude and messages from the Angels and the Ascended Masters and an understanding of who you are at a soul level.

As a Soul Realignment Pratcitioner I work with aligning, healing, clearing and removing blockages from the clients Akaschic Records. I read your soul and make a soul profile, from that I can tell you about the essence your soul, your souls qualities, where your soul stem from, your soul 's vibration, any challenges and blockages you encountered through your lifetimes that affects you in this lifetime etc. There is much and profound information that can help you on your current lifepath and it is a blessing to be able to provide a soul realignment reading for someone who then can begin to heal their life with new choices based on the information from the reading.

I give Soul Realignment Readings through Skype, Messenger and Email.

You can find me at :

Anoulla's Angelplace (Facebook)

Angelplace Soul Lore (Facebook)

email me at

Much love, light, peace and joy to you. I am looking forward to meet you for a Soul Realignment Reading.