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Hi and welcome,

My name is Barbara, and I am the owner of 'The Self Healing Mastery', the business that I created to help you to understand what the self healing is, and how the healing modalities I practice can assist you with the issues you may be facing at the particular time in your life. They became very helpful on my journey of transformation and I decided to share my skills and gifts with you, who may be going through the similar challenges.

I want you to understand your body mechanisms better, so you can see how, on subconsciousness level you may be sabotaging your own healing process, and start taking the steps to help to eliminate from your life what does not serve you on your unique path.

I offer the Soul Realignment® to allow you to discover your unique qualities, and help you to clear the obstacles stopping you from expressing your Divinity.

I also offer the Sacred Activations® as a tool to help you to clear your limited beliefs and any fears that may be preventing you from playing big.

I am the Reiki Master, Pranic Healing® practitioner, Theta Healing® practitioner, and will be soon offering Forensic Healing® as well.


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Much love and light xxx