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Hi dear Soul ! 

My journey is really long, so I want to make a short cut. My Soul journey started at 25. At that time I've started experiencing the "Soul voice " or we call it Intuition.

I had to say a big NO for a surgery. And this was my luck. I healed my self and met a great mentor in Vinyasana Yoga. Where through breathing and body movements I was healed and I understood a lot about human system and the connection between Body - Mind - Soul. The Dr. stand in front of me with an open mouth and asked me: what did you do girl !?  😄

My Journey continued in Martial Art, Pranic healing... and I realised that everything in our life is based on this Soul Voice inside, which we have to follow! Because this moves us forward and gives us so much energy to emboding what we really are @ the Soul Level. And this is the only one which can makes us H.A.P.P.Y.

• Next thing was a Wish inside me to help people to come to the same point like me: H.A.P.P.I.N.E.S.S. but I couldn't express it.

I prayed simply.... After a few days Andrea and Soul Realignment came to me. OMG , more door's started to open up and the best thing is that: through Soul Realignment I found an Instrument through that I can express the Language of the S.O.U.L.


.... and can help Souls in their Divine Soul Blueprint manifestation ....


* Do you want to clear your confusion?                                * Do you really want to know who you really are at Soul level?  What suprises your Soul wants to give you and to your Life?

... let's make a space for something new!

* Clear all this what holds you back from manifesting what you really are! What your soul actually really wants to give you!

* The Clearing of your property or your Home gives an extra beauty and freshness to the whole, because it gives your Soul to feel good in the environment where it lives at the moment.

So let's started now 😉 ,

Love & Blessings,

Beatrix                                                                                         (Meemaa)