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Hi there!! ::waves::

My name is Brittany and I am here to help you find out who you are at Soul Level and how that affects your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual dynamics of your overall health & wellness.

Changing the aspects of our lives that we're unhappy with for the better all starts with getting to know a little more about what makes you, you.

As my title above states, I blend my backgrounds in reading Akashic Records (psychic), Reiki & Chakra Healing (spiritual healing), and Health Coaching, Life Coaching, and Integrative Wellness Coaching to create a holistic approach to personal growth and transformation unique to you.

I work with those who are ready to commit and dedicate themselves to transforming their lives. I'm in your corner cheering you on, supporting you every step of the way, while providing the types of tools & accountability to ensure your success and growth. Watching you grow and succeed is not just my duty, it is my passion! 

I'm the coach you hire to help you understand yourself deeper, accomplish a couple of goals here and there, that ends up becoming a friend for life 🙂

Each person has the knowledge and power to heal and grow from within and my job is to help facilitate this discovery. I am committed 100% to guiding and supporting my clients in the most caring, resourceful, and loving way possible.