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Hi!  I am Carla Blacker, and I have enjoyed the last 7 years embracing a journey within my Soul Level Self.  I became an Advanced Certified Soul Realignment Practitioner and have now become a published author with my new book due out summer 2016 called:  Salt in the Wound and the Courage to Forgive.    
I have embarked on the search of who I was meant to be and why I am here. 
I believed that I wanted to change how I felt about my life story.  I did not wish to change my life story, but rather I desired to change my perspective about where my story had brought me.
I became empowered to understand fully that my opinion about my life was the one that mattered and that the courage to forgive was the first step in the freedom to become who I have always been meant to be.
It became my passion, my pursuit of happiness, my mission and; subsequently, my contribution to this world to share a deliberately shifted story of love, forgiveness, peace and intention. 
The message I share and the passion I feel is for all souls to courageously embrace and reclaim their own unique and beautiful alignment with dignity, strength and significance. 

May you find joy in all things first…..