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Hello and welcome.  My name is Caroline Nixon, and I have always known that I wanted to help people, including myself to heal and grow, but I was never really sure how.  I became a Massage Therapist so I could help people feel better in their bodies physically.  I studied and became certified in Hypnosis so that I could help people overcome the limitations that they have placed upon themselves in their minds.  I became certified in Aromatherapy so I could bring a creative and fun twist to health and healing.  I have studied Reiki energy healing to facilitate healing through loving touch.  I have also trained in Holistic healing, using foods and herbs to bring balance in the body.  I have most recently become certified in personal training in order to help folks get off that couch and move that body!!

I am the published author of two books, A Mom's Guide to Sanity and An Itsy, Bitsy, Teeny, Weeny Guide to Life.  Both books bring everything I have learned into print.  These books are full of easy and fast ways to cope with everyday stress.  I wrote these two little gems a few years ago, but their practical wisdom and total awesomeness are still relevant in today's world.

A few years ago I was led to the fabulous and truly life changing modality called Soul Realignment™, which is the modality I use to do an Akashic Records reading.  When we are conscious of the choices we have made in this life (and before), we can make new choices which are more in alignment with our Divinity.  Soul Realignment helps uncover all the choices we have made throughout time which are keeping us from truly living in our highest alignment with our own Divine nature.  This work helps to clear blocks and restrictions which we ourselves have chosen on some level, thereby allowing new choices to be made.  This work is life changing to say the least.

I used to struggle for an answer when someone would ask me what I did for a living since I have so many modalities under my belt.  Now,  however, when folks ask me what I "do", I say that I help people find their Inner Awesome!  This is empowerment at its finest.

With all my trainings and life experiences, I have learned that only you can change you.  No one can do anything for you except support, influence and guide you.  Unless you are ready and willing to take ownership of the choices you have made, not even the best therapist, doctor, healer or intuitive will be able to help you for any extended period of time.  That is the key!  Are you ready to make lasting, positive changes in your life?  The choice is yours.  I look forward to being your guide on your journey towards Finding your inner Awesome within your body, mind and spirit, thereby changing your life!