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Progress not perfection…
Hi there, I’m Vinny, a work in progress, as I think we all are.
I've muddled through a long term anxiety disorder, controlling and suppressive relationships, lack, addiction issues, trauma & feelings of worthlessness, and I've wondered what on earth I was doing, at times.
 I've invested heavily in self development & creating a more fulfilling life for myself, on my journey I found Soul-Realignment.
I couldn't be a bigger advocate for this work, obviously, as I became a practitioner so I could offer others a way to supercharge their Spiritual Journey and create a life of freedom & abundance that resonates at a Soul Level. 
I believe in my work and I’m very passionate about it as I’ve seen the transformational value it has offered my clients and on a personal level, it has, quite literally, changed my life, I have taken back control, I’ve left my job and started a new career, cut ties where needed, changed the dynamics of my relationships and I’m now a more confident, contented, fulfilled soul. 
Of course, we all experience self doubt, but, I have a deeper understanding of the negative aspects of myself as well and more tools at my disposal when things get rocky. 
I would love to work with you and offer your own Soul Level information in one of my interactive sessions!
 If you have any questions, you should find answers on my website, there is a FAQ’s page, more in depth information about what Soul-Realignment is and where the information is channeled from but if you still have questions, please get in touch, there are contact me buttons all over the website, a contact form, a web chat and a facebook page so you’ll have no problem asking anything you need to know.