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Deana DeHaven


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I am a left handed, creative, intuitive empath with a blue and green aura and Cherokee and Comanche heritage.

I began my spiritual journey in earnest in 2005 by delving into The Law of Attraction and A Course In Miracles. These continuous pursuits created a thirst for more knowledge. I wanted to master Universal Law, which is Divine Law.

I have always been able to understand others, both motivations and feelings, and made a successful sales career out of that ability. For me, it always just seemed more logical and kind to create win/win with others.

As I learned how to listen to my heart instead of ego, I began to want to be of service to the world. There was a definite progression. First I wanted to understand what the Light of Love was, and then I wanted to harness that Light of Love within my own earthly existence. And finally, I wanted to shine that Light of Love into our world.

I am an Advanced Soul ReAlignment Practitioner with certification and experience in Level 1, Level 2 and Business and Financial Abundance.

I am so grateful to Andrrea for providing this modality in such a clear, concise, yet comprehensive manner.

I have another 3 modalities (Reiki, Christian Science healing with prayer and Light Body work, as well as Seminary) to master within the next 8 years. But, at the end of the day, time is irrelevant when following eternal matters of the heart. And being a healer is firmly wound around my heart. To be of service to our Great Creator, giving gifts of Love from Love to his Holy Children is the pinnacle of my human existence. Working with Native American children here in Arizona is one way I get to express this desire.

I am very happy to be here. Thank you so much for taking the time to read this. God bless you!