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Hello to Everyone!
I believe you have such potential and capacity to become so much more than you realize. You have life stories and life lessons that impact how you see yourself, think about yourself and how you treat yourself. Generally, people don't believe they will have much success at changing things in their lives.
This is where I help you look at your life – present and past - and show you patterns/triggers that are impacting your current life. Show you ways you can change and shift to achieve what you truly desire in your life.
As a Registered Nurse for 40 years, I used Reiki in my practice. I felt called to do something more and expanding into Advanced Soul Realignment – Level 3. 
In 2016, after losing 120 lbs., I authored the book “What’s Eating at You?”, (Amazon) focusing on the mind/body connection of emotional/compulsive eating behaviors. BUT that’s not enough – there has to be the balance of the  Body/Mind/Spirit connection to make changes that will FINALLY release the negative energy of past lives, limiting beliefs and old programming allowing you to transform into a healthy weight management (lose, gain, or maintain).
My mission is to give you the tools and support to live a healthy, joyful, empowered  life. Developing an extended method of balancing the connection of Body/Mind and Spirit by incorporating use of the Akashic Records to bring your Divine nature into alignment.
Contact me and let’s talk about what you truly desire for your life – what do you want to accomplish.