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Energy wisdom - tap into yours. Especially through life transitions.

Taking on a new venture, changing jobs, changing countries, having children, getting married/divorced, empty-nesting or simply choosing to leave the old friend/s and lifestyle behind.

I know the abyss and potential chasm of doing life transitions. The apprehension can be so much more elegant and joyful.


My 18 years as a registered psychologist, published author and media commentator (drceli.com) were giving way to my work as a spiritual director and film director (Writer/Director website in development) over a six year journey.

This journey into "directorship" saw me outgrow my birth-place of Australia and move to Rome Italy for three years to shift deep-seated family roots and change career. This catapulted into a venture through 27 states of the US over eight months and Peru for three months while filming our energy documentary.


Life transitions, career transitions and family transitions are what I have lived everyday for the last six years. Gut wrenching and heart liberating all at once.


Tapping into the river of wise energy that runs beneath all your decisions and within all your actions is the well spring for all your practical decision making.


I look forward to working with you. Feel free to review the video on my website and/or our complimentary 15 minute skype call, to evaluate if my Akashic Psychology Program is right for you.

It's all about applying YOUR energy wisdom in moving forward.


Here's to your wise living,

Elizabeth M Celi