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I am a former special education teacher and worked in the Blackfoot School District in Blackfoot, Idaho. I taught for 10 years with children of all ages and all disabilities. I married my husband in 2012. After 5 years of Infertility we did IVF and had our daughter. During my pregnancy I started having neurological problems in my left arm and torso that were unexplained. After the birth of my daughter and after seeing many specialists I was finally diagnosed with a rare cerebrovascular disease. I had a bleed within my spinal chord and had 10 more lesions in my brain that could bleed at any time. Surgery was in order to remove the old blood that was pressing on my spinal chord with the possibility of being paralyzed from the neck down.

The realization that I was and am at the mercy of a disease that no one knows a lot about and has the potential to be very devastating to my quality of life completely changed my priorities and  my outlook on life.  Soul Realignment helped me to realize who I am at soul level and as a result I began my own journey to self- healing. The more that I learn the more I want to share it with others.