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Ordained as a minister, with the chosen title of Spiritual Healer, Freda Durden knew early in life that her purpose was far greater than 9-5 job could offer her. After receiving a CNA certification, the journey of learning began. Led by spirit, she was introduced to a more compassionately demanding career front authenticity coaching. In developing the coaching process as well as taking classes to supplement her inherent gifts, Freda is poised to nurture the healers and leaders of a present day renaissance that teaches people to move beyond social, religious and personal constraints that allow them to shine brightly and share their personal gifts with the world.
Priding her-self on the development of practical shamanism, Freda has attended classes on Building Business Models, led by Chataun Denis She has developed as a Shaman through Shamanic training from Don Simmons at Phoenix and Dragon. Holy Fire Karuna Reiki©Therapy Training, as well as Catalyst Healing Workshops by Michael Schemeca.  Through her company 813 Wellbeing LLC.ä, Ms. Durden trains healers and leaders by leading them back to themselves and equipping them with the tools to heal their spiritual, physical and emotional bodies through services including :  Alchemy, Inner Wisdom Coaching, Reiki Therapy, spiritual advisement, Tarot Card Readings, and Authenticity Coaching.  Offering naturally formulated body creams, black soap body wash, bath milk, body butter, detox bath salt, linen spray, room spray, herbal supplements, natural teas, shea butter massage candles, shampoo, oil conditioner, 813 Wellbeing LLC.äalso offers products that help to heal the outside from within through a custom selection of essential oils that contain therapeutic and metaphysical healing properties that support Healing, Meditation, Rejuvenation, and Relaxation.  Ms. Durden takes the hardships she has faced and creates her own medicine and teachers her clients to do the same. She is a thought leader, transferring her inherent and experiential knowledge to others with the intent of their attainment of the freedom for self-healing.
Ms. Freda Durden has shared her expertise in a variety of mediums.  813 Wellbeing LLC.äwas featured in April 10, 2018 at “The Harnessing Divine Feminine Women’s Retreat” Durden spoke about the opportunity to live the “Art of Divine Feminine” following up this appearance as a speaker on a panel of Atlanta Shamans on the topic of African Ancestors on May 6, 2018. Ms. Durden has also accumulated a healthy social media following through her Facebook and Instagram pages. She continues to teach and  develop healing programs including The Rebirth Coaching System, Apprenticeship to Divinity, The Unbreakable Heart, Twin Flames: Coming Clean About Dirty Mirrors  ,  God Self Coaching Program  , and Self Mastery for a Well Being; expanding her message through her multimodal outreach.
Speaking and teaching are my divine pleasure! I began developing and teaching classes on fragmented topics of spirituality, such as: Twin Flames, Clearing Matrix Energy, An Unbreakable Heart, and a Gaia Workshop in 2013. These classes opened the door for development of an Authenticity and Inner Wisdom coaching program to help unify the fragmented self and to learn and master self-healing. Working with clients has also inspired the development of practical shamanism, a tool that allows clients to manage and be present to personal ascension while allowing them to function and share their lights in all capacities in which they are called to service. My personal growth and my observation of the personal growth of my clients allows me to create products that meet the needs of the leaders and healers in this present day renaissance of divine feminine artistry.

My shamanic gifts have always made me a “feeler”, even when I resisted. When I am healing, reading, or cleansing the chakras of my clients; we are one. I feel what they feel.  I have uncovered the magnitude of this blessing, understanding how valuable it is to speaking, teaching, and coaching allowing my audience to connect with my authentic self and bridging the gap for them to decide to do the same. When I step into my “speaker light” the audience receives vibrational love and healing. In addition, to my medicine bag filled with stories, tools, and information that bridges gaps in ascension to all that are listening.

I’ve been led to begin writing a book about my experiences ascending. From a chaotic childhood, to domestic violence, building a business, and raising a child. But the most important message I’ve found inside my Self is the power of transmutation. The ability to feel the depth of the nastiest emotions with an empowered peace that immediately changes these feelings into passion, motivation, and strength. My personal experience with transmutation has allowed me to become an especially adept instruction in teaching my clients to this this for themselves and to unite their fragmented selves into aligned, integrated beings.
During this renaissance of divine feminine artistry, I must do my part to make sense of it All. For myself, my ancestors, and all the men and women that choose to be Free of the limitations imposed on them by culture, past experiences, and/or religion; by helping to initiate an understanding of living the Art of the Authentic Self.