Giorgia Nicholas

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Giorgia Nicholas


Advanced Practitioner

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In Person, Phone, Skype

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English, Italian









Giorgia Nicholas is a psychic and medium. Born and raised in Italy, she moved to the States in 2013. Today she lives between her hometown, Trieste and San Luis Obispo, California.

Giorgia works steadily with some Spiritual Guides, especially Nonna Tekina, the spirit of an old Taino Grandmother. Manifested herself for the first time decades ago, Nonna Tekina has led Giorgia to develop her skill as medium but also to the origins and tradition of the Taino, the Caribbean First Nation. Since 2010, Giorgia is an active member of the Tribal Council in Boriken, Puerto Rico and now she sits in the Circle of the Elderly Grandmothers. Giorgia has walked different spiritual path, putting herself at stake with her whole self. Welcomed by several communities, she moved from the Kainai and Blackfeet Pikuni Reservation, Canada, to the African's rhythms of Brazilian syncretism. She danced by the Lakota Oglala communities in the Black Hills, Wyoming and South Dakota. She was introduced to some of the Californian Tribes ceremonies, especially by the Central California Chumash Community.

Soul Realignment is the perfect tool, matching her inquisitive mind with her intuitive art.