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Isabel Faria


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Hi, my name is Isabel. I am 39 years old and live currently in Germany. I was born in South Africa, lived 20 years in Portugal and I am now 8 years in Germany. I started my spiritual journey at the age of 26 with the question, "What can I change to move closer to happiness?". This was the first time I focused on me as the person responsible for all my reality. At the time, I was not completely aware of how powerful this simple question is and where it would lead me, but I am so happy that I decided to faced it.

Besides working in a multinational company as a Problem Solver, I have several trainings related to personal growth, energy balance,  and relaxation methods. Here is a list of the most important

- Massage Therapist (focus on: therapeutic, relaxation, pressure points)

- Bioenergy Attunement using crystals

- Personal Trainer (focus on: motivation, facing conflict as an opportunity, communication, taking action in spite of fear)

- Tarot Readings to enhance intuition

-  Soul Realignment

- Angel Card Readings for channelling divine messages

I am really glad to be part of this community.

May the acceptance of all that is and all that is not be with us all!