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Jacquelyn has only recently begun fully living into her calling as a Light Worker, or Healer, although for most of her life, she has been consciously tuned in to the natural flow of Reiki and the energies of planetary bodies, making her a natural channel for them. Through her varied experiences throughout life, she has gained a unique understanding of planetary energies and how they play out in our lives, and thus can become a malleable tool in the creation of our own personal reality.  Although not a practicing astrologer at this point, with an in depth understanding of the archetypes and spiritual progressions expressed in astrology, Jacquelyn is able to couple this ancient type of spiritual work into other modalities, which lends her shared insights a blended flavour of modern and ancient.
Motivated by major life transformations that began in 2015, Jacquelyn began studying astrology on a more advanced level, and also started practicing Reiki. Although there are several astrologers in the Austin, TX area locally whom she admires, Jacquelyn has primarily involved herself in seminars from modern astrologers Michael Nnebe & Nikola Stojanovic (on the Degrees Theory), and world renown Ancient Babylonian & Sumerian astrologer Rumen Kolev.  After realizing the truly powerful life-enhancing potential of the Science and Art of astrology and the healing potential of Reiki, Jacquelyn decided to further explore energy work and healing by becoming a Soul Realignment® Practitioner; which is a more modern modality of spiritual work that effectively integrates a very intuitive yet structured approach to the practice. In addition, she has received a Life Coaching certification from Wainwright Global.
Jacquelyn is now certified in Level 1, 2 and 3, as well as the Manifestation Blueprint coursework of the Soul Realignment® program, and continues to master these skills and expand on them so that she can offer the best guidance possible to those who seek assistance on their journey in life. Jacquelyn constantly strives to be able to touch the lives of others in a positive way, on a deep Soul level, assisting others with understanding who they are on a Soul level, and then realigning to their highest path & purpose, thus reclaiming their own personal power as a Divine Being. It is her desire that everyone should have personalized guidance and access to becoming the greatest expression of themselves, and to live the most fulfilling and healthy life possible -in all areas of life. 
Before fully stepping into her role as a Light Worker, Jacquelyn studied International Studies, with a focus on Asia, and is an alumni of Texas State University and Meiji Gakuin Daigaku University of Tokyo. She has a minor in Japanese, but also studied Spanish and Latin for several years. Her passion for this particular field was driven by a love of languages, world history, and the ability to bring people together to gain a deeper understanding of one another, by her interactions within international communities. Currently, Jacquelyn is active on a board of volunteers for the Austin-Ooita Sister Cities Association, and is an aspiring author.  Amoungst other projects, Jacquelyn is also working on re-gearing her YouTube channel to include educational videos that focus on spiritual and Soul-related topics. So, stay tuned!