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Hi. My name is Jamie Cross. I am a Soul Realignment Practitioner, living in beautiful Oregon. In early 2017, I received an Akashic Record Reading from a practitioner trained in the Soul Realignment modality. After my reading, my life changed drastically!  At the time, I was feeling really really stuck in most areas of my life. In 2013, my oldest brother died tragically and my 15 year relationship ended along with my dream of living with my partner in the jungle of Costa Rica. After I returned back to the States alone, I had lots of ideas of what to do next, but found myself just drifting along - without any plans or goals. I was scared to make another mistake, so I did nothing. After my reading and clearings, I became quite energized and was ready to move forward in my life. I immediately knew that I wanted to combine this life-changing healing modality with my former career skills of change and project management to support others stuck where I was.  My life is now the best it has ever been as I am using my Divine gifts and making daily conscious positive choices and I now look forward to the adventures that each day brings ♥.


Would you like to understand what your Soul is here to do? Do you too feel stuck, repeating the same behavior over and over? An Akashic Reading can help you to understand your choices and to take responsibility and action towards creating your BEST life.

Please contact me via my Facebook link to schedule a recorded reading via a toll-free call-in number.