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It has been recognised that I have a good connection with my spirit guides; I talk with them all the time and always have done and thought it was normal. So when I was told you have to get in touch with your guides and this is how you do it on a training course, I was looking for something new, not realising I was doing it already!
My personal awakening began on a cold February day and despite my best efforts to the contrary, I found myself lying on a treatment couch in a small MBS event in a Lincolnshire church hall. Here I was introduced to Reiki for the first time - the key that opened the door to change my life.
I enjoyed the revelation so much I studied Reiki through to Reiki Master Teacher. At the same time I was achieving practitioner level in various complementary therapies and started John M Harris Therapies.
What did come as a bit of a surprise to me and was not aware I had any different to anyone else, is my intuition and psychic ability. That seems a dumb thing to say now I’ve seen it written down!
However, the arrival of Soul Realignment® has been a revelation to me and has confirmed to me a lot of which I have believed/known in the depths of my mind.
Reiki and Crystal Healing are often the first point of contact for people which prove to be the catalyst to open their mind to the Spirit world. With Soul Realignment® I can now offer a further advancement to clients helping them to understand themselves and work towards the life they desire.