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Hi there.

My healing practice is called Soul Offering. It is a safe and empowering space to heal and to greatly advance your Self-understanding. You are provided with an opportunity for profound life transformation. I combine Akashic Record information with Yogic Science, Yogic Philosophy and broad life experience to assist in uplifting the lives of all who choose to engage. Heal current and past life choices that cause suffering in any or all aspects of your life.

With Self-knowledge - who you really are at soul level - you can express your authentic Self in your human experience, creating greater ease, grace, peace and prosperity - in all areas of your life.

I have vast and varied life experience. Besides being a Soul Realignment® practitioner, I am a qualified Yoga teacher, initiated Reiki Master and have spent several decades on a deep and fulfilling spiritual path. I have been initiated by a fully realised spiritual master in the extraordinary Tibetan Buddhist tradition, but embrace all authentic traditions and philosophies. I am an experienced voice artiste, working mainly in recorded and live television and radio. I have recorded thousands of commercials and promos over the years - an amazing experience. Spending time in the music business, promoting and touring African Jazz and other music, was truly enriching. The call of exotic places always whispers in my ear. My travels continue to expand my life experience. The universe and space - both the internal and external - and the convergence between science and mysticism, always inspire and fuel my spiritual journey. My healing practice is a primary focus.

With an open mind and willing heart, you can accomplish anything! Embrace the real you, it is liberating. I look forward to connecting and assisting you on your journey. Please contact me via email to set up a consultation:

Much Light,