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Julia Lundgren


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Being passionated about our Universe in all its aspects - life itself, childbirth, music, dance, art, maths, cosmology, paranormal phenomena -, I went from animal rights activist, through a Master's degree in Teoretical physics, until trying a lot of different healing methods which now ended up in reading in the Akashic Records.
While developing my natural gifts of healing, I went through very difficult health issues. I suffered from burn out, hypersensitivity of electromagnetic fields, and chronical illness, to mention a few of them. Soul Realignment permits you to get conscious of what you are living through and why, and best of all, it offers you the occasion to come out of it! Personally, the conscious understanding of why and how is the most important.
I am profoundly happy to help you to reveal the underlying mechanisms that might block you today. Blocks might show up as well as mental or emotional depression as physical health issues. Clearing work of your blocks and restrictions is a very relieving and releasing push forward in your life.
A reading can also be done together with your partner, as couples often follow each other through several lifetimes. Releasing blocks in couples will heal the relation – and both individually - in many aspects, which I rapidly came to realize in my own experience of doing readings.
Or, I can do a reading for your child which is an excellent tool for guiding your child towards her or his own Greatness.
Moreover, if you have/had a difficult relation with your parents, to understand who your parents really are/were at Soul level and/or what problems they've had to confront, is an important and healing relief, helping you move forward on your own personal path.
We might also suffer from an important lack of Energy, and Soul Realignment is a perfect tool to find out which they are and how to stop them!
We can go through negative situations appearing in your daily life, in order to understand and clear the root causes, and to liberate your way of affronting your daily life. This can be developed into getting conscious about what are your life lessons, which will help you understand what is (or seems to be!) happening ”to” you.
Last of all, we can get to know your Spirit Guides, your inspirational team althrough your life.