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Carollyne Corner is a contemporary business & life coach and consultant helping people and companies to find their own path towards a fulfilled life. She dedicates her work to women around the world who each day create a meaningful, fulfilled, successful, holistic and authentic life for their businesses, for themselves and their loved ones.
The past eight years, Carollyne has been Head of Finance and Human Resources in an innovative, ecologically-minded company and has helped it to grow and thrive. Alongside continuous professional development she also studied old philosophers and world religions and spent a lot of time developing her own unique gifts. For the last 25 years she has worked in important and successful companies whilst bringing up her two beautiful children, who are now wonderful, caring and smart adults. After the birth of her second child 17 years ago, Carollyne took a course in holistic pedagogics and child care to provide a nurturing, child-centred environment for daughter and son.
For a long time now she has been dedicating most of her time to her real vocation, to follow her own unique path. Her early awareness of a wide spectrum of perceptions eventually inspired her to concentrate on training in this field. During the last ten years she has developed her very own, special and unique work as a coach. The holistic training as a Soul Realignment Practitioner constitutes another important part of Carollyne’s work and enables her to counsel her clients in an even more specific and individual way. Together with her business acumen and the skills to run a successful company, she is able to deliver a most unique and hands-on coaching.

She encourages women everywhere to step out into life’s expansive richness and inspire others with their integrity, humility, wholeness and their effortless style, to make their light shine brightly and beautifully.
How exactly does Carollyne Corner work?

In my work I am always mindful to include all levels in a holistic sense. Like a master detective, I approach the task at hand with intuition as well as with a rational structure – with my heart and with my head. I work in a non-judgmental way and leave my own personality, my views and opinions behind from the start. It is difficult to describe this state of mind – somehow I act from a neutral point of view. Maybe it is something that comes naturally to Swiss people.I find it easy to engage with a person or a business concept in a holistic way and to include everything I know, my whole being, including my experience with the corporate world. I am perfectly capable to leave aside personal experiences und to focus on the person or the task at hand. What happens next is what I call an all-embracing “download”. Sometimes this happens within a fraction of second, sometimes, when I want to explore an issue more deeply, I hover over it like an onlooker, and it feels like observing various scenarios. This download contains everything imaginable. It is like a video clip loaded with all the emotions of the protagonists, their knowledge, experiences, emotions, fears and the potential of everybody else involved. This process is always incredibly exciting. I observe everything without judging, and all other potentially necessary information simply presents itself clearly.Whenever I “download” experiences, decisions and knowledge according to the AkashicRecords, my attitude is at the same time attentive, positive and somewhat surprised, but invariably non-judgmental.Doing an in-depth analysis, the preliminary work and the search for information takes between two and four hours. In case of blockages, which is normally the case, I focus more deeply and include a more specific “past life regression” in my downloads. That is always very exciting, like a very tense and stimulating mini-thriller from the past.Like Sherlock Holmes I uncover everything which is hidden. Experiences, decisions, family patterns, genetically entrenched behaviour... I decipher it, name it and show it.In the end I sit back like Holmes with a nice cup of tea – unfortunately not being served by a lovely Mrs. Hudson in my office, (mine is by the way dust and corpes free) - most of the time. But with a rational approach like Holmes I sum up everything in a logical way. Quite often I am surprised and amused how incredibly fascinating all this is.

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