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Hello, my name is Kristine.  I became an Akashic Record Practitioner because I kept walking into the same walls.  I couldn't figure out why I found myself in the same kind of places, with the same kind of people, under the same kind of conditions.  There had to be answers.

I've been a seeker for a lifetime.  Many decades ago, I was born into a religious Lutheran family.  Staunchly rural southern Alberta conservative upbringing, in a briskly dysfunctional Narcissistic family.  No one else could see and hear the things I could.....or no one admitted it.  One could get themselves locked up for good if spoken out loud.  I never thought I'd see the day being a Medium, or a Psychic, or an Interspecies Communicator would be seen as cool.  I never had a mentor, no one who could explain to me as a child what on Earth was happening to me.  The only reason I didn't buy into the idea of being crazy, or allow familial brainwashing, or block experiences out completely, was only due to Divine Intervention.  Now, I had one more thing on my long list I needed explained.  What is all this?  Why was all this happening to me?  Why did Spirit intervene for me?

So I hunted for information.  I traveled great distances.  I read every weird book I could get my hands on.  I sat at the feet of Ascended Masters.  I found and spoke with anyone who might have answers.  All before the advent of the Internet and TV programs on psychics, mediums, channeled entities, interspecies communication, seeing spirits, alien encounters, conspiracies, secret societies, alchemy and the like.  All without a mentor.  But I learned.....a lot.

In the meantime, I became a psychic, medium, Registered Nurse, wife, divorcee, wife again and step-mom, rancher, interspecies communicator, business owner, retiree, entrepreneur.....

However....I kept walking into the same walls.  I started researching more and more about Karma.  That led me to Andrea Hess and her Soul Realignment course.  I had to take it!  And once I finished it, I had to make this practice available for anyone!  Anyone who wanted to know about Who They Are at Soul level, About Their Karma, Clear Their Akashic Records, and Help Them Take a Step Through a New Doorway!

If you're one of those people who are sick and tired of crashing into the same walls, and ready for new opportunities.....I can help you.  My clients tell me they're surprised at how accurately I've read for them, and how much detail I can supply.  When you are ready, contact me.