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Lightworker – Visionary – Intuitive Reader
Natascha is a light worker, visionary, and soul advisor dedicated to support you on your spiritual journey. She works with her 5th dimensional team of light and in the Akashic Records to receive information for you.
After obtaining a University Degree in Germany and a successful career in tourism management, she opted out of the “rat race” and studied multiple spiritual modalities, including reiki, meditation, the tao, palmistry, tarot, astrology, shamanic journeying, hypnotherapy and Akashic Records work. All her work is geared to align you to your soul purpose and assist you to become the best version of yourself!
The tarot cards are her go-to tool to give practical advice for every day living, and she loves to give intuitive readings.
As a clinical hypnotherapist, she continued her studies to specialize in Past Life Regression Therapy, as is a certified Soul Key Therapy practitioner. (Past life and life-between-life therapy as taught by Martin Peterson, student of Dr. Michael Newton).
As she loves diving deep, she now offers “Soul Realignment” as taught by Andrrea Hess from CA, USA. This is a modality of reading and clearing your Divine Soul Blueprint in the Akashic Records, one of the most deeply transformative therapies available today.
Natascha has an active online practice, where she offers tarot, hypnotherapy and Soul realignment.
She also has a popular, rapidly growing youtube channel called The Empress of Wands, which is her main online platform:
Check out her channel here:  The Empress of Wands
Phone: 1-250-466-4260