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Spiritual Development Background:

Certified Flower of Life Facilitator, Sacred Geometry, Living in the Heart, Native American Medicine Wheel

Taoist Student with Master Mantak Chia

Completed 11 days Darkness Retreat with Jasmuheen (Total darkness with no food).

Vipassana Meditation 10 days silent meditation

Accutonics Certified Sound Healer using Tuning forks & key meridians

Certified Sound Healer using Fibonacci Sequenced Tuning Forks

Lemurian Awakening Journeys

Travelled to 30 countries; Egypt, Tibet China, Peru, Easter Island Chile, Bolivia, Bimini Island Bahama, Tahiti Moorea Island French Polynesia, New Zealand, Brazil, Hungary, Romania, Europe, England, Tonga, Kathmandu Nepal, Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, etc.

Participated in Unity Consciousness Grid

Attended His Holiness Dalai Lama conference as a sponsor in 2011

Holosync program for years by Centerpointe

Heart & Soul Healing session with Ken Page

Key Authors and Workshops:

Dr. Joe Dispenza, Advanced Workshops and Advanced Followup Workshops, and all his books

Dr. Kristin Neff, Mindful Self-Compassion Intensive Retreat, and Self-Compassion book and audios

Dr. David Hawkins, 9 books in total, "Power vs Force"; "Truth vs Falsehood"; "Letting Go"; etc.

Richard Rudd, "Gene Keys" book and completed The Golden Path Teachings

Dr. Annette Cargioli, "The Forgiveness Doctor" and creator of Emotional Polarity Technique, which I used.

Family Constellations work on myself.

Tapping. EFT - Emotion Freedom Technique

"The Emotion Code" by Dr. Bradley Nelson

Self taught knowledge about nutrition, juicing for several years, raw food diet for a couple of years, completed 21 7-day fasts in three-year period, Sun Gazer - Breatharian for awhile, Book Report on "Blood Type Diet", "Eat Fat Get Thin" by Dr. Mark Hyman, and many more.

Left Corporate world as Chief Financial Office after 25-year career, which started at Ernst as Certified Public Accountant, and partnered with Sunstone Yoga Founders and opened several Yoga Studios, which eventually became a national Franchise.

Certified Yoga Instructor.

Ran several marathons, mountain biking sport champ, and overall handy man, woodworking enthusiast.