Simran N'golet

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Simran N'golet


Advanced Practitioner

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In Person, Phone, Skype

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North America


Virginia Beach


Virginia Beach


United States.


Simran N'golet is an innovative Soul-Activation Coach, Psychic Intuitive, Spiritual Mentor, and Advanced Soul Realignment™ Practitioner taking abstract esoteric concepts and making them more practice and relatable for people to apply to their spiritual life.

Through her comprehensive Soul Readings combining the use of the Akashic Records, Kundalini Yoga, and transformative coaching techniques, Simran helps millennials and truth seekers all over the world understand the incredible unique gifts they possess at soul level so they can be empowered to confidently live their life's purpose and create the life of their dreams. 

Among her studies are intuitive development programs under the teachings of Andrea Hess and application of the Edgar Cayce philosophy and readings. She had served on staff at the world-renowned Edgar Cayce's Association for Research and Enlightenment and studied the sciences of Holistic bodywork at the Cayce/Reilly School of Massage. 

Simran's mission is to help awaken as many people as she can to their soul's "divine blueprint" to help raise the consciousness of the world.