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Sofia Martinez



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Sofi Martinez, is a Reiki Master and Transformational Coach, who works with healers and lightworkers, who are wanting to create change in their lives to live a more conscious life, aligned with their heart; and share their gifts with the world .

Sofi Martinez, knows that we are energetic beings and transformation occurs from the non-physical to the physical. I believe we are all unique beings, and we all have a message to share; and if it is blocked or stopped it will never be. My work is about you, providing the guidance and support, so you may align to this force within you, so you may sing your true song.

Sofia has worked at non-profit organizations that brought information about food sustainability and has spoke in events in favor of preserving nature and environment. She has led meditation and self-exploration workshops at spiritual focused festivals in BC; such as Blessed Coast; as well as lived in spiritual communities as a karma yogi. She has developed Alchemy of the Heart, and travelled through BC west coast sharing this process.

Sofia Martinez is an Usui Reiki Master, Kundalini Reiki Grandmaster, and Golden Ray Reiki Master; she is certified in Wellness Coaching and Holistic Nutrition. She was invited to Slow Food Terra Madre Conference and Convention in Turin, Italy. She has travelled throughout BC as a Lightworker, placing light-grids and sharing her work through talks and sacred circles.