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I stumbled into my career as scientist more by default than out of passion for the profession. I was raised among academics and it is a bit of a family tradition to study life sciences. Since I had the grades to get into M.S. and then Ph.D. programs, I did that. Why not? It was easy... -at first! Once you enter this Ivory Tower and start climbing the ever narrowing staircase to the top the path is pretty obvious. It's like the yellow brick road - you march on, and you don't leave it! Unless you want to be eaten by saber-toothed tigers!
After a 15 years training period (we academics like to be thorough) I earned admission into Emerald City. I have since been leading a research team that studies how the brain responds to injury.
I love what I do now but I haven't always... This yellow brick road could use some serious repairs! I was in the "don't want to get up, low energy, no passion" mode that I described to you on the main page.

I didn't love the rat race
After 12 years of running in the rat race - I am sure you are familiar even if you chose a different career - I was done! For the first time, I wondered whether I had picked the wrong path. But rather than just dropping out I explored some other options, focused on my growth and on getting to know myself.

Things turned around when I started being myself
Slowly, I connected to my authentic self and found my unique operating manual, the key to not just reaching my full potential but to expand what my potential is continuously. My passion for science returned, I started having fun. Slow mornings turned into waking up excited to tackle new challenges. This translated into external success as well; my lab is well-funded and I was able to build a research program that attracts excellent scientists from all over the world.

And you can too...
On my journey to self discovery I found that I enjoy helping fellow travelers along. And I accumulated quite the toolbox to do so. As someone dedicated to learning and growth I found the self-improvement industry to be a marvelous playground. The diversity of approaches gave me the opportunity to study this topic from some very different angles. Soul Realignment is one of them! I also trained as professional coach so that I would be able to guide others in making choices in alignment with their core while deselecting what is not working in their lives.
It is a great source of satisfaction for me to see my team members and clients become connected to their authentic selves, take full responsibility for their progress and create the lives they desire.