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My name is Tamalla Mallet and I am so excited that you wish to learn more about Your Own Soul! YourOwnSoul.com is a division of Learning You Education, LLC  where I help you learn you and what you do, better.
Readings are performed by accessing the Akashic Records and providing you information about you at Soul Level.  All readings provide information that is practical and actionable. If you are looking for real lasting results in your every day life, in all areas, I suggest our packages. I am happy to discuss your intentions and help you decided which option might best assist you in getting where you want to be. 
I am a Certified Catalyst Facilitator, Successions Process Facilitator and Advanced Soul Realignment Practitioner® along with having more than 25 years experience in secular businesses including real estate brokerage, community association management, personnel and project management, accounting, training/education and more…
My Soul Purpose is Divine Truth and Divine Self Expression and I spend my time providing readings and coaching to professionals and individuals that recognize that they want more, that life doesn’t have to be a struggle. Those who are looking for strategies on how to get to the next level of success. Those choosing to strive and thrive and I help them define what that means for them, within their Divine Truth and through their own Divine Self Expression.
What makes my service unique and creates successful outcomes is that I understand where you are. I have worked those jobs that I hated: being underpaid, unappreciated and unfulfilled. I have been in those toxic relationships that suck the life out of you. I have been stressed and fearful and felt out of place and out of touch. I’ve been a survivor and now I am a thriver. I own my own company, set my own policies and procedures, my own goals, my own salary and vacation schedule. I have relationships that inspire me to be my best and I understand that life is meant to be full of opportunities for success, happiness and fulfillment.
Having the ability to lead clients to who they truly are gives me the benefit of watching my clients soar! My clients know who they are, where they want to go and how to get there in ways that are supportive for who they are at Soul Level and in alignment with their organic abundance, living life with an understanding that each moment in each day is an opportunity to experience themselves in a new powerful and empowered way.
I would love to work with you and help you create the day to day experiences that represent your Highest. Call me at 404-808-9225 or choose the reading or package that speaks to you right now from my website. If you are not sure, please apply for a Free Discovery Session and we will see what might be your best option. Remember that taking action is how you change your life. Come on my friend, take a step toward your future today! I believe in you and your greatness.
With love,