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I am a lover of Life, of Love, of freedom and authenticity. On that journey I walk and from my own self-inquiry and experience I invite and accompany anyone who wishes to live their own truth, that which aligns with their Divine nature, which fills it with vital energy and creates abundance in their life at all levels possible.
I deeply feel that it is a matter of Alignment, of self-knowledge and experience through choices that create our lives. Choices that aligned to our Essence, can only bring fluidity and abundance. Of course it is an infinite path, finite in this human experience but infinite in its power when we assume it. And of course we start from where we are, but it is very coherent, continuous and consistent. Therefore, why not start now to create your extraordinary human experience consciously?

I am currently delving into the work with the Akashic Records and the possibilities it offers, it is a very powerful and wonderful tool if you know how to use it, a Google of energy. In Energy and its transmutation, in Alchemy; in processes of Liberation (↑) and Manifestation (↓); in Cosmic or Sacred Sexuality; and in working with the conscious, subconscious and unconscious Mind. Energy in different aspects or expressions. Always with the purpose of living the authentic self-expression, in fullness and abundance, in freedom, in love, in peace, in joy, in deep intimacy and presence with oneself and with everything.

I'd love to hear from you and serve your path and fulfillment!
Feel welcomed to contact me by email or Skype, or we can also schedule a meeting at Zoom Meetings, my favorite application to work with.
Skype: @cutchurrumi