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As an Energy Healer and Soul Realignment practitioner Viki helps people to discover who they are at the soul-level, so they can step into their spiritual power. Through her readings, she will access the gateway to the Akashic records and provide people with insights and information on how they can live their highest purpose and create the life experience they want—abundance of health, vitality, relationship, financial, and more.

Growing up in Europe, Hungary, Viktoria felt the world to be an uncomfortable place. As a young person, she experienced aggression and violence which left her in a defensive and vulnerable state. She was not happy and she wanted to be. After a long and unhappy marriage, she now raises her three boys in Canada where she finally found that beautiful and spiritually enriching environment which helped her to return to the sense of belonging and happiness. After a miraculous remission from an energy healing session, she felt the weight of the long-time carried  emotional and mental pain to lift and completely leave her whole being. The vital force energy that she could access at that point healed her completely and set her on this new way, to become a healer.

She is an empowered soul today with the mission to help to integrate consciousness into the lives of others and therefore heal the world.
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