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Yvette is an actor and comedian who is also a gifted intuitive.  While acting and doing comedy is her passion, she loves helping others realign themselves with their true life purpose through her intuitive coaching work.  She obtained a certification (September 2013)  as a Heal Your Life Workshop Leader, based on the book You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay.  Doing this work, helped her to get back to acting and Stand Up after a 12 year break. 

She received her Soul Realignment certification in June 2019.  While new to the practice of reading and clearing the Akashic Records, Yvette's clients have been saying that the information she's uncovered for them is "really resonating" with them.  Yvette uses Soul Realignment in order to help you understand the Universal laws of karma so you can manifest what you truly want by unlocking YOUR Divine Origins so you can manifest the best human experience you choose for you! 

Yvette is also a level one certified Pranic Healer, which is the harnessing of Prana in order to regain vitality and to target the healing life force directly into areas of the body where health problems exist.   She uses her empathic and clairsentient abilities to help others regain control of their lives, and to properly heal, using one or more of these different modalities.