Carmen Nunez-Lagos

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Carmen Nunez-Lagos


Advanced Practitioner

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In Person, Phone, Skype

Languages Spoken

English, French, Spanish





Paris & Madrid


France & Spain


I'm a wellness and life coach. I do akashic records reading, energy healing and teach the law of attraction. I give you the method to become your own empowered guide.

Do you have a clear vision of your ideal life but you haven't made it a reality yet? Do you want to change some habits or your lifestyle but you don't feel confident or strong enough?

I help you unlocking whatever mental or emotional restrictions prevent you from achieving your goals. You become aware of the strengths and talents you naturally have and you use them to change your reality without effort. With my method, you learn how to change your reality at will by taking control of your life. You receive concrete advice as well as exercices for your inner life health.

I give one on one sessions, master minds and trainings. Distance healing.

I'll be happy to walk a bit of a road with you!