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Cinderella de Groot



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A Cindy to Cinderella transformation. Cinderella was my name given at birth, but my awareness of this fact wasn't until many years later. Shaped by all thought-forms of parenting, society, and my own, I walked through life as Cindy. I wasn't living my purpose. I hadn't discovered my authentic self. I didn't understand what my divine gift was. I didn't know what happiness truly meant.At the age of 28, I bought a one-way ticket and left The Netherlands, my home country. I traveled around the world for many years in search of answers and adventure. Along my journey, I met many people from different cultures and discovered new spiritual practices. I slowly gathered more knowledge about myself and came closer to my truth. At times I felt uncomfortable, scared, and lonely, but I remembered that it is in the discomfort that we grow. The self-discovery and beautiful adventures that came with it were so worth it. Since 3 years I live in Carlsbad-CA. I overcame many obstacles and experienced life to its fullest, from living through the devastating hurricanes Irma and Maria in Puerto Rico to building a life from scratch in foreign countries and leaving family behind. I experienced depression, marriage, divorce, childbirth, family death, and shutting down a business due to the Covid-19 pandemic. You are going to be happy, said life, but first I make you strong!And so I became strong, learned to stay centered and authentic. I don't live in fear, trust my intuition, and tap into the happiness within my heart every day! My divine gift? That was there already all along, patiently waiting for me to become aware of it.Today, my gift allows me to share and facilitate healing for others through example and support. These organic outlets, in the form of movement and holistic relaxation and healing techniques, create the opportunity for connections and guidance with other people from all over the world as they write their own stories.~ Namaste