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Hello and welcome! I’m Martina Rose Pileggi and the proud owner and founder of Rose of Venus Wellness.
Since I was a young child, I have been a Claircognizant, a Clairsentience, and very sensitive to energy to things seen and unseen. As a young adult, I studied Christianity, Gnosticism, Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, and the Hindu religions. I also loved studying Egyptian, Greek, Roman, Norse, Celtic, and Ancient Mesopotamian mythologies and history in university as well.
In 2012, I completed my Komyo Reiki Level 1 and my Level 2 in 2013. I accredit my Komyo Reiki certifications from the teachings of Janine Hutchinson. In 2016, I completed my certifications for Angelic Reiki Level 1 and Level 2; I accredit my certifications from the teachings of Amandha Vollmer.
My spiritual journey has since led me to become deeply devoted to honouring and integrating the sacred divine feminine philosophies in my everyday life. Having trained in martial arts for over 20 years, most of my life has been in the energetic state of the warrior/yang principles. Finding balance in the warrior/priestess or yin/yang principles within myself has been such a fulfilling integration. This balance has allowed me to stand firm in holding space for difficult moments and topics for my clients and loved ones to allow them to feel this energy without fear of judgement. Equally and simultaneously, I am able to stay in a safe, nurturing place to allow for their challenges and traumas to transmute into healing. I am deeply grateful and accredit my knowledge from the teachings and wisdom of Kara Gilligan. Through working with her I had come to learn a part of my path is to be in service to others by giving Akashic Record readings through the modality of Soul Realignment. I accredit my Soul Realignment certification from the teachings and knowledge of Andrrea Hess.
I am grateful to the Ultimate Divine every single day to have been able to share another day with my family, my friends, and any other souls that cross my path. I’m eternally grateful for all the Divine Beings in the ether who have guided me all my life and to my Earth-side loved ones that have held space for my soul to express itself authentically.
From the center of my heart, I wish you love and blessings along your journey.