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Engla Turesson


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I have been an entrepreneur since December 2020 when I started as a virtual assistant.

In October 2021, I started my own company FlowAngeli, where I decided that I wanted to work much deeper with people.

I created a business development method right before I found Soul Realignment. I made a wish and the universe came with an answer- very fast.

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I've been on a "spiritual path" or "seeker path" since I was a kid. I felt different. I felt misplaced and misunderstood. But I found music ( singing ) as a way of carnalize my emotions.

I was searching for answers EVERYWHERE to all of my question until one day, I "woke up" and realized I had been having them all inside myself. I started to have a complete different outlook on my life, everything that had happened in my life (which most of the years was a complete disaster ) the world and most importantly, myself about 1,5 years ago. I went inwards for a very long time to expand, transform and die- before I could rebirth into this- new kind of me.

I finally was ready to help other people do the same, and that is why I started my business- which I somehow always knew I was going to do one day. I Just did not know how or when.

So here I am. Still learning. Still growing. Still hurting. Still Loving. I'm technically  a mortal physical being but with an eternal spirit. Just as human as you are but just as universal as us togheter creating a ONE.

I am here to offer my help with my superpowers:



Great at seeing the Bigger Picture

Good with questions that leads to new insights and transformation


Witty and Wise

Structured and Organized




I am very grateful for finding Soul Realignment. A modality that really can make a huge difference in our life. A magical mix of a practical and intuitive method that can really make sense.

"You're already sitting on all the answers, but with questions that have not yet been asked."
- Engla Turesson